Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thing 1: Voice Thread

VT is one of the most powerful tools for language class. The most impressive improvement of VT is being interactive. It extends interaction between the teacher and students from classroom outside classroom. It provides visual support at the same time, which makes learning more fun and contextual. When I introduce new topics, I can use it for idea brainstorming. I will encourage students to use it for communication in Chinese while preparing for a project. I can also use it for peer review in in Chinese language. Cool!

11 Things on the Jeepney - Introduction

I'm Ai, teaching Chinese at HS. This is my 6th year in Manila. Bohol is one of my favorite place in the Philippines, where has beautiful beach and a variety of activities. Technology development has turned a new page in education. Large amount of online resources has brought a new challenge in education. The most important question for teachers and students to answer is not "to learn or not to learn“, but "what is the right thing to learn" and "how to learn efficiently". Teachers are not teaching knowledge, but teaching strategies and choices. Good to sign in this program, and I believe it will be an amazing experience for me to explore lots of powerful tools in the coming three months.